Product Description

1.  Product Descriptons:

Model No.: DS07

Product Name: IR furniture sensor

it’s special designed to control LED light via the reflection of infrared signal. stable working under any situation, anti-noise.  it control the light softly ON/OFF, with high PWM frequency.

     2. Applications:

it can work on 2modes:

(1) waving sensor mode

put hands over, control ON/OFF.   keep hand over, control brightness.

(2) door sensor mode

installed infront of a door(about 10~40mm),  ensure the sensor head can only be blocked by the door. when door closed, theLED OFF. when door open, the LED will ON.


(3) how to switch between two program:

      3. Electrical Parameters:

Input Voltage: DC9-24V MAX Load Current 5A
Output Voltage: 60W/12V   120W/24V
Sensor Distance: 0~100mm
Input Cable: Dupont 816  or 5.5*2.1 female
Output Cable: Dupont 814 or 5.5*2.1 male

      4. Connections:

      5.  Installation

use tape / clip / clip with magnet