Product Description

  • Specifications:

LED    Density

PCB Width

PCB Type

DC Input

Cutting Unit(L)



double layer,2OZ





Order No.


Lumen Efficiency









  • PCB size & Cutting Length:


  • Quality:

LED Chip: Default use high performance Chip with golden Wire and big inner chip size.

          FPC:  default use double layer(both side high quality white film coated), cooper 25+35um.  optional in 35+70um. and 35+105um.

          SMT Technology:  Pb Free

          Tape:   3M original

           Warranty:  3year

              CRI optional in :

                      1.  CRI>80    suit for general application.

                      2. CRI>90  (Default)    light is more soft, suit for high quality light requirement, like commercial lighting, furniture lighting.

                      3. full spectrum color (CRI>96, close to sunlight)     light is more close to sunlight, healthy to eyes, suit for high quality requirements, like classroom, desk light, office light.

Spectrum Compare:



                  Full Spectrum(CRI>96)

from R1-R15, each value represent a specified color rendering ability, a higher value means more close to sunlight.   especially the R9 value.

if want to illuminate an red apple, the R9 must be high.     if want to illuminate Human(Asia), the R15 must be high.   for a museum lighting, each value must be high. a higher CRI can solve various color rendering problems.

  SDCM:    default to make the SDCM<3

                Color BIN:   only provide one BIN for all range of colors

  • Packing

Default:  each 5meters packed into one roll, each roll packed into a PE bag. every 50bags put into a carton box.

packing pictures:

  •  Customize

Free to design new Product (Flex strips, sensors, LED bars, LED aluminum Profiles)

Free to make Customized Packing, Labels, Logo Printing (on PCB, Lables, Packings)

Production Ability: 200 000 Meters / Month